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For young attorney Danielle Madison, the decision to leave a prestigious New York law firm to assume the position of assistant in-house legal counsel for a political consulting firm in Washington D.C. came easily. She is soon to enter the world of shrewd political consulting, working for political strategist, Anthony Cervasi, when a cryptic message arrives from her former love, Owen Roberts.


Owen is a computer engineer who worked for Cervasi’s firm, but he soon turns up dead – murder or suicide, no one’s sure. Either way, Danielle, unnerved by his death, begins her own investigation with the help of reporter Alex Preston, who suspects Cervasi is using more than the traditional spin techniques to win a senatorial election.


Alex wants to understand how a sitting congressman of questionable reputation could be gaining so much momentum in a short period of time against a well-respected, endorsed candidate. Danielle wants to know why Owen is dead. A series of events increases her paranoia, as she believes she might meet a similar, messy end. With her life at risk, she is left with the inescapable question: Are you in control of your thoughts and actions?


It all boils down to a top-secret CIA program and an ambitious strategist – but who’s controlling whom in the high-powered world of American politics.


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