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FAQ (Frequently Ask Question)

Q: How do you pronounce Pat’s last name?

A. Yet-see

Q: Do you continue to practice law?

A. Yes, I maintain a full work schedule representing individuals and businesses in a variety of estate, tax and elder law matters, with the help of my supportive staff.

Q: When did you have time to write the book?

A. Writing a book takes organization and dedication. I maintained a diary of thoughts about incidents throughout the day. Later, after business hours, I wrote – actually typed – every word in the novel and all of its drafts.

Q: Do you have a staff and have they read the book?

A. My staff are dedicated, loyal professionals both to the writing of the book and the clients we serve. Each staff member read the book and offered their opinions.

Q: Did you find writing a book difficult?

A. The ability to communicate whether written or verbal is important in every walk of life. Although, I spend time writing many legal documents, it was a relief to take a different tact on the book. Tying characters, ideas, statements, and scenes requires a detailed journal that needs consistently maintained.

Q: Who did the research on the various points raised in the book?

A. Most of the research was conducted by me through the Internet, computer engineers, and programmers, and an audiologist. Also, as an attorney/CPA, I have represented companies and individuals in various fields that touch on the subject of this book.

Q: How do I get in touch with you to speak at an event?

A. Drop us a line on the Contact page of this website and a staff member will contact you.

Q: Do you read and answer your email?

A. Yes. I read my emails, however at times it becomes virtually impossible to answer each and every question. In certain cases, my staff will bring to my attention those emails that they can answer readily.

Q: Who are your favorite authors?

A. I read and enjoy many writers, including, for example, John Grisham, Jeffrey Deavers, David Baldacci, Robin Cook, Michael Crichton, Stephen King, and Scott Turow. As a subscriber to audio books, I get to listen to books while I am exercising.

Q: What do you do in your spare time?

A. My spare time is limited. While I enjoy running or spinning, I love music – having once played drums in several local rock bands. If I get a chance, I enjoy playing the piano.

Q. Do you have a Facebook page?

A. Yes. You will find me at

Q. Why did you name the book Celiminal?

A. The main character, Danielle Madison, uttered the word in the book. Although, a number of other titles were considered, I always came back to her quote.

Q. How did you come up with the idea for Celiminal?

A. Our conscious mind focuses on a subject or a sound, but then there is our subconscious that processes other peripheral sights and sounds. How these sights and sounds affect us is a matter of debate. Celiminal explores, in part, our subconscious mind in this age of advances in technology and science. Couple the idea of our subconscious with a political contest where candidates have always tried to gain an advantage over the opposition, and you have a novel.

Q. Have you worked with other writers?

A. In writing this book, I enjoyed working with other local writers who write in similar and different genres.